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This site is dedicated to venomous animals. It is written in non-scientific terms, using plain English, so that adults and kids alike can browse through the site and hopefully learn about some of the venomous creatures featured on the site. The scientific names of the animals are included on the pages, and can be used to assist in searching for additional information about a particular species. This site currently focuses on venomous animals found in the United States.

I've attempted to list all of the venomous animals found in the United States, and provide general information and photographs for each one. The site is designed to give limited information about the venomous animals of the United States, but should in no way be considered a complete guide.

When referring to venomous animals on this site, I am only referring to the animals that are venomous enough to be harmful to humans. There are many insects, such as honeybees, that are venomous, but are relatively harmless unless you are allergic to insect venom. This is also true of spiders and scorpions, as all of them are venomous to some extent. This site will focus on the animals with venom potent enough to be considered dangerous to humans without allergies.

The only types of dangerously venomous animals native to the United States are reptiles and arachnids.

Please take the time to learn about the venomous reptiles and arachnids of your own area, and to teach your children and loved ones about them as well. In addition to this site, I have many links on my Venomous Links page that may assist in learning about the venomous animals in your area.

There are several people who have allowed me to use their photographs on this site. Please be sure to visit my credits page for a list.

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