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Scientific name

Centruroides exilicauda


The average length of mature Bark Scorpions is 1.5 inches.


The Arizona Bark Scorpion is typically a golden-yellow color or very light brown.. It has a slender tail and pincers.


In the United States, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is found in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Outside of the United States, it is found in Northwestern Mexico.
Map of US states the Arizona Bark Scorpion is found in.
Map does not show area of true distribution, only the states in which there is a population.
Actual distribution in any highlighted state may be limited.


This species has a very painful sting. Although once an extremely feared scorpion that's sting was considered lethal, research suggests that this species probably poses no serious threat to a healthy adult. The sting of this species is, however, considered to be medically significant and can be dangerous and potentially lethal to children or the elderly.

Bark Scorpion
Photo used by permission:
© Jim Kalisch
Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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